Monogrammed Decorative Roller Shades for Door Windows

I loved the way the fabric roller shades for the bathroom turned out and decided to update the shades on my front door as well, only using an extra touch with a monogrammed fabric roller shade.

I happen to love the fact that our front door and sidelights have these great windows set into it, but at night I hate the feeling that you get when you know other people can see in, but you can’t see out. Finding a good window treatment for a door is hard, but I’ve always used a roller shade of some sort and the old plastic things that I had up there were screaming for a replacement.














While shopping for a client, I came across a really fun gray & yellow print that I wanted to use. With all three windows so close together, I didn’t want to use the same fabric on all of the windows for a couple different reasons.

1. Lining up those prints to match across all 3 shades would be difficult.

2. It’s a pretty bold and large scale pattern.

Instead, I used a nice grey slub linen that I had left over. And what better than to add a nice monogram to the center shade? A friend of mine who does fabulous embroidery, helped me out and put the ‘G & Est. 1996’ on the linen fabric.

Once I had that, all I needed to do was to follow my previous blog post on How to Make Your Own Fabric Roller Shades.

And this is how they turned out …







You might notice that in the first picture of the old plastic roller shades, they were rolling from the bottom of the cardboard tube, which meant that you saw the white backside at the top of the shade when it rolls around the top. I really hated that! In order to fix that, not only do you have to staple your fabric on differently but I had to switch the brackets around. A roller shade is designed to only roll one way and it locks when you try to reverse it. So, after a few tries we finally figured it out!

You don’t have to use this on a door window either. I think this kind of window treatment idea with a monogram would also be adorable in a baby nursery or even bathrooms. Most of the time a monogram looks the best when used on a solid fabric because it tends to show up the most.

If you run into problems or questions, let me know it the comments & I will help you out.






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