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Wow, just wow. Yesterday I had a HUGE traffic spike over here on my little blog. Lots of people were downloading my handy little chart to know how many squares to cut for different sizes of Rag Quilts. That makes me happy. ;0)

For a little bit more inspiration, here are some photos of rag quilts that I’ve made…


Rag Quilt Photos from TheDesignest #ragquilt #tulapink

This one was made with a Tula Pink Parisville charm pack & was the very first rag quilt that I made. I made it on Christmas day actually. Such an easy project that just gets you excited because they come together so quickly.

Several pictures of rag quilts on TheDesignest blog

Soon I am going to be releasing a pattern for the Chevron Rag Quilt that you see here. I love the way this one turned out! UPDATE: You can find the Chevron Rag Quilt Pattern here. (affiliate link)

Rag quilt back using muslin #ragquilt

This photo shows the back of the rag quilt. I like to use a traditional muslin backing and quilt batting in the middle.

More rag quilt photos on TheDesignest blog #ragquilt


Loved this quilt! The picture doesn’t really do it justice. All of the adorable floral patterns and prints really made this one special.


Another fun one was this cute beach boy themed rag quilt. All of the prints that were used had something to do with the ocean. The little heart in the corner bumps this one up a notch.

Rag Quilt images from TheDesignest blog #ragquilt

Another boy themed rag quilt. This one was completely inspired by the awesome ninja animals flannel print. These guys had to be “fussy cut” and then appliquéd on to a solid color flannel square. These squares are larger than the 6″ square that I normally go with. I think they were something like 8″.

Rag Quilts from TheDesignest #ragquilt


Rag Quilt with a Charm Pack TheDesignest.com #ragquilt #charmpack


I made these two rag quilts as sister quilts. They both were made from the same fabric line {West Indies by Jennifer  Paganelli}. One was done with the traditional 6 inch square blocks and the other was done with a chevron design. As I mentioned before, the chevron design instructions will be coming soon. UPDATE: Now published at Craftsy.com!

Hope this gives you a little bit of a spark to jump in and start a #ragquilt today!  You might want to hop over to my How to Make a Rag Quilt post, or check out the Best Fabrics for a Rag Quilt.

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