How to Choose White Paint Colors

Selecting white paint colors is one of the things that seems like it should be so simple, but trips people up without knowing it! Most have a tint of some sort to them … either more blue or yellow or pink. You don’t really even notice it when you are looking a single white paint chip in the store.

A personal favorite of mine didn’t make the Benjamin Moore best selling white paints list, but that’s ok {I’ll keep it a secret – just between me and you}.


Tip – place your paint chip next to another white paint color and it is easier to see the ‘tint’. One will look more red or blue when compared to the other. If you were to look at one of these paint chips on their own they would just look white, but you can see by comparing them above they each have a color all their own.


White Dove

Elmira White

Dove Wing
How about you? Do you have a favorite white paint color?



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